Who’s the Hero, Villain, or the Guide?

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Written by Heidi Shearer

Founder, Heidi Shearer has a passion for faith, family, friends, and making an impact.

May 1, 2020

As we observe the narrative that is all around us today, are we able to discern the story that is being written for us, can we distinguish who’s the Hero, the Villain or the Guide? After taking a writing workshop online this week, I now see the world differently with a fresh perspective…

“All media is a story.  The authors are trying to take us on a journey to arrive at their agenda and what they have determined the theme to be and who each of the characters are as well.”  

You can probably already pick out who is each character in the media narrative. Depending on which news source you look to, they have chosen who they think these people are.  For some, the Villain is the President, China, the Democrats, the virus, or _____? You fill in the blank. It’s really hard to find the True Hero right now because so many fingers appear to be pointing to so many Villains.  So who is the Hero of this current narrative?  Who do you think it is?  I found personally that I was having a hard time finding a true Hero.  This dead-end led me to find the Guide in this current story! 

Who is the Guide?  It became obvious to me that the Lord Jesus is the Guide! His Word is our lamp and His Holy Spirit is our indwelling Guide to lead us to all truth! 

This writing workshop challenged me to make sure that I don’t get pulled into the story but to make sure that my ears are in tune with the Guide the True Shepherd! He knows what’s going on, why it’s going on, where it all came from, and where we are all going.  Therefore, I have chosen to keep praying for wisdom and to remind those I love and care about to abide more and more in His presence with His Word wide open.  He speaks and He guides!

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