For Facilitators

Your Guide to The Gift™


Question Cards

Your pack of questions to help guide the conversation around the table.


Participant Cards

You’ll use these with participants each time they experience The Gift.


The Dice

You’ll have one large die, a set of multicolor dice, 


Take-Away Cards

Cards that your participants can write on, record their thoughts, and take with them after the experience.

How to Facilitate The Gift ™ Experience

Place the Cards on the Table

Introduce the Question Cards and the Participant Cards in the middle of the table. 

Leader/Facilitator Place Setting

After you pray, give the Icebreaker card to the person on your right, then the second Icebreaker to the next person. As you wrap up your time, give the Gift of Impact to the last person to read. 

Participant Place Setting

10 “Thanks for Sharing Cards”, 1 Take-Away Card, and one pen to write with.

Experience The Gift™ in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Introduce the Question Cards

  • Roll the dice to determine from which category to take your question card.
  • Explain the differences between ALL-PLAY and NON-ALL-PLAY cards. 

Step 2: Introduce the Participant Cards

  • Opt-In & Lifeline- may use 1 time on NON-ALL-PLAY cards.
  • Use PAUSE & PRAY and TECHNICAL cards as needed.
  • Have THANKS FOR SHARING cards white side up & as impacted by an answer, flip over and give to others as blue side up.
    1. Mention the Takeaway card is for them to take notes on it.

    Step 3: Pray! Then start with 2 Ice Breaker Cards

    • Ask God to bless & guide your time sharing.
    • Do an Icebreaker card with the person on your right & the next person.  The 3rd person will roll the dice & you are on your way!
    • ** Your final card is The Gift of Impact which you have at your place. You will give to the last participant and they will read that card. The group will make notes on their Takeaway card and share their answer with the group.  You will discover The Gift ™!

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