Using The Gift™

Below you will find helpful videos and tips for using The Gift™. We’ve included tools just for facilitators!

Have more questions? Reach out here. We are happy to help. Enjoy!

christian card game
christian card game

Getting Started

Thank you for your recent purchase of The Gift™! Before you experience The Gift™ for the first time, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

1. Determine who you would like to share this experience with. The Gift is meant to be shared across the generations and with groups of 2+.

2. Set a date and time and extend invitations. We recommend sharing this video. It gives your guests a great idea of what they can expect.

3. Prepare to facilitate The Gift™. Watch the 2 short videos and review the items below.

Familiarizing yourself with the videos and simple instructions will only enhance your experience. Enjoy!

Watch This Video First

Founder, Heidi Shearer explains the meaning behind the cards and what you can expect when you experience The Gift™

For Facilitators

The Gift™ is a time-tested tool that makes a safe environment for people to share, listen, and learn. Even those who were hesitant or skeptical discovered how much they enjoyed The Gift™ experience. Follow the steps below and grow as a faith leader and generous host!

1. Watch the video below. Heidi demonstrates how she introduces The Gift™ to a new group of people.

2. Review Facilitator Guide inside your box or download the PDF instructions. 

3. Experience The Gift™ with those you love and care for!

Most importantly, please remember that this should be fun. The Gift™ is a framework for more authentic conversations. There is no right way to experience The Gift™. It will change every time you come to the table!

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