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and Experience The Gift™, an engagement tool that encourages faith-based conversations 

about our lives and legacies.


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We are excited to offer The Gift™ for your family or small group. This faith-based tool creates a safe & powerful environment to share our stories with one another. It fosters connection, growth, empathy & insights into scripture, powerful words & our experiences. It’s a tool to transfer our legacy to one another.  

Do you have a graduate this year? Here’s a tool for free!

Here is a tool to help you create a special event for your graduate.  It's called the 'Capstone Event.' This was inspired and created for our daughter's graduation in 2018.  At that time there were so many activities and festivities, that many of my friends chose not...

Who’s the Hero, Villain, or the Guide?

As we observe the narrative that is all around us today, are we able to discern the story that is being written for us, can we distinguish who the Hero, the Villain or the Guide is?  After taking a writing workshop online this week, I now see the world differently...

Deep Roots & Oil Wells

My journey with Jesus has been defined by growth. Continual growth. One of my favorite descriptions that God has for us is 'being like a tree.' In the Bible Jeremiah 17:7-8 & Psalm 1 can get you started. Over the years, God has shown me the importance of allowing...

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